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Be Cautious about Selling Leasehold Apartments as 'Ideal for Airbnb'

Legal training expert, David Keighley warns the property industry about advertising properties as 'ideal for Airbnb'.

How to Calculate Expected Returns

When looking at investing in property, expected returns on the investment is something that any investor would want to know. It can be difficult, however, to know how to calculate returns before choosing to invest. In this blog, investment consultant Michael Johns covers how returns are calculated and discusses what can affect expected returns.

What is a Resale Property?

'Resale property' is generally a term used by agents who sell new or off-plan property. A resale property is typically complete, pre-owned, and is now up for sale again. In this blog, we cover the advantages and disadvantages of choosing a resale property for investment purposes.

Huge Tax Advantages for Overseas Investors

Astons, an international consultancy specialising in investors’ residency and citizenship has uncovered the secret of the tax savings that overseas property buyers can make.

Stamp Duty Refunds for Property Investors and Developers

Investors who have paid the 3% stamp duty surcharge on a mixed-use multiple dwellings relief claim since 2016 will now be "entitled to a refund".

Property, Covid-19 and the Rise of the Staycation

We investigate the more positive impact of Covid-19 on the UK tourism market, Holiday Homes and the increase in UK wide Staycations - Lets explore our beautiful country

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