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Equity release interest rates in 2019

Wayne Musker, an independent financial adviser at the Chester based practice, Financial Fortress answers our questions...

Friends of Mufulira

Dr Robin Gleek showed us what our donation have helped the local hospital in Mufulira with...

Is Student Accommodation A Good Investment?

In recent years there has been a boom in the construction of student-specific housing in every town and city across the country

Residential Estates in China September 2019

...presenting to the Chinese property market

Focus on Bolton: Q&A

The North West region encompasses some of the most attractive, high-yielding property investment markets in Britain. Manchester has become a honeypot in recent years, and both Liverpool and Preston are increasingly catching people's eyes, but what of Bolton? In this Q&A with Business and Marketing Manager, Jason Guest, we highlight why Bolton is set to be the next Northern hot spot for property investment.

How Much is Capital Gains Tax on Rental Property?

Read on for a quick rundown on what, as a property investor, you need to know

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