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Chester Homes Asking Prices Up 1%

What is actually happening in the national and local property market to asking prices and the number of properties for sale, and where does that leave Chester homeowners and Chester landlords?

How Many Days Does it Take to Sell a Chester home?

With 213,120 UK house buyers and 58,580 UK tenants moving home in June, the summer has been manic for many people. Meaning some Chester homeowners are asking if they should be staying put? Or should they wait for the best home to come onto the market before putting their home up for sale or find a buyer but be unable to find a property – it’s all rather confusing, however, today we answer the question.

Ageing population and property demand

Demand for housing continues to surge but with an ageing population, the types of property that cities require is in flux. With this blog, we look at bungalows and where they fit in with the current housing market.

Chester Homeowners Have Turned to the Rental Market to Cash In By £9,600 Each

Should you sell or should you buy in this most interesting Chester property market? With Chester and the rest of the UK experiencing ever-strong demand for rentals, We look at what the UK housing shortage means for YOU and your portfolio.

Spotlight on Leicester

Back in April 2020, we published a spotlight article looking at the whole of the East Midlands. In it, we noted the particular importance of two cities: Leicester and Nottingham. A lot has happened since then so we thought we’d take this opportunity to look in more detail at everything that Leicester can offer the property investor.

Chester’s Love (and Hate) Affair with the Semi-Detached House

The semi-detached house – the icon of middle-class aspiration, the pinnacle of liberalism yet at the same time compromised individuality, the ‘semi’ as it is colloquially termed is, for many Chester homeowners, the highpoint of modern domestic bliss.

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