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Landlord Tax Changes – A Comprehensive Guide

At Residential Estates, it is our priority that we can help our investor and landlord clients through what can sometimes be a confusing minefield of rules and regulations. At the beginning of 2019, changes to tax regulations for landlords were brought in, and with further changes expected in 2021, we have written a comprehensive guide to ensure you know the essentials about landlord tax changes.

Housing Price Forecast For 2019 - Everything You Need to Know the final weeks before Britain's expected departure from the EU house price forcasting is harder than ever

Residential Estates & Weymouth Football Club Sponsor Dinner

Representatives of Residential Estates had a great weekend away visiting Weymouth Football Club, as official Sponsors of the club and player sponsor to Josh McQuoid

Preston and its University

...much has been happening at UCLan that could be of interest to property investors

Investing for High Rental Yields

Rental yields are commanding more and more attention in 2019. That's partly because people's expectations of the property market are changing...

Changing Trends: Apartment Living

There is little doubt that apartment living is becoming an increasingly popular choice within the UK. Now, there are some very good reasons to believe that it's the start of a long term change in the market.

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