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Best Purpose-Built Student Accommodation Locations - Ask Johnsy

This week, Johnsy addresses the student property market and explores where the best PBSA locations are in the UK.

How Has Coronavirus Changed the Student Property Market?

With society changing more quickly than ever, it's never been so important to understand, observe and adapt to these new and unusual times. Coronavirus has undoubtedly changed and affected the property investment market, however, in this blog our expert investment consultant Michael Johns looks at how the Coronavirus has affected the industry as well as the opportunities that have arisen as a consequence.

Mortgage Lending for Purpose-Built Student Accommodation - Ask Johnsy

In this video, Johnsy explores the reasons behind why there are limited lending options and why cash investments could be better.

The Bank of England Agents' Summary of Business Conditions

The Bank of England Agents' Summary of Business Conditions

How to Furnish your New Property - Ask Johnsy

In this video, Johnsy explores the different ways to furnish a new property and gives some handy advice on how to make your property stand out.

How to Create a Property Checklist - Ask Johnsy

In this video, Johnsy focuses on a topic that he has visited before in previous videos - the property checklist.

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