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Which Agent Should You Choose? | Ask Johnsy

Mark from St Helens has asked a very popular question: "My property is up with more than one agent. Which one should I choose?". Johnsy focuses on the benefits of choosing an agent as opposed to a developer and provides advice on choosing the right agent for each individual.

Should You View Your Property? | Ask Johnsy

Tim from Barcelona has asked one of the most frequently asked questions: "Is viewing property important?". Johnsy focuses on the benefits of viewing an off-plan property but also gives some advice on how to get to know the area and development if viewing is not an available option.

Property Resales UK - A Brief Overview

Business Development Manager and Head of Resales, Andrew Brassey, discusses the property resale opportunities here at Residential Estates. He explores the differences between off-plan developments and existing properties, analysing the benefits of resale options.

Spotlight on Sunderland

We last turned our attentions to Sunderland in the summer of 2018, read on to find out why we now it deserves a mention as a good choice for investors ...

Coronavirus and Property Investment

The coronavirus Covid-19 outbreak is having far-reaching global effects...

ONE London Road Build Update with Chris Smith

Chris Smith, one of the investment consultants here at Residential Estates takes a look at the build at ONE London Road in Newcastle-Under-Lyme, a student development providing unrivalled accommodation and amenities for all of its residents.

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