Property Investment FAQs

Explore this selection of our most popular questions that have been addressed and answered by our very own Property Investment Consultants.

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Who are Residential Estates?

Residential Estates is a private UK-founded property services group that has operated for over 30 years.  Providing investment advice, property investment sales throughout the UK at some of the most prominent high yielding developments and asset management, combining both short and long term lettings, as its core services. Read more about us and meet our team here.

What is property investment?

Why invest in property?

Property investment is becoming an increasingly more popular venture. Receiving money through rental income and capital growth over time, property is generally considered to be safer than stocks, shares and other bank investments... Read more here

What is buy-to-let property?

What is off-plan property?

Why buy off-plan?

What is off-market property?

What is a resale property?

What is ground rent?

What's the difference between Freehold and Leasehold?

Why should I buy leasehold?

What is a service charge?

What is purpose-built student accommodation (PBSA)?

Is PBSA a popular investment?

Where are the best PBSA locations?

Can I get lending for PBSA?

What is a buy-to-let mortgage?

Are property investment mortgage rates higher?

Can Residential Estates get me a mortgage?

How much money do I need to invest in property?

What are the returns I can get by investing in property?

What are the risks when investing in property?

What are the benefits of investing in property?

How much does it cost to invest in off-plan property?

Should I view my investment property?

Which agent should I choose?

What to do next when investing in property?

What are the advantages of using a property management company?

What is an HMO?

What is the difference between investing in London and the North?

Is investing in property better than investing in the stock market?

Can I invest in UK property from overseas?

Is investing in property better than investing in a pension?

How should I furnish my new property?

What should be on my property checklist?

How do I build a property portfolio?

How will HS2 impact property values?

Should I have an investment exit strategy?

What is a guaranteed return?

What is a NET yield?

How do I calculate my mortgage?

Can an investment property pay for itself?

Can an investment property be owner-occupied?

How to calculate property investments returns?

When should I refinance my property?

What is rent to rent?


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