Property Investment FAQs

We get asked 1000's of questions daily from both first time investors and also clients who already have a substantial portfolio, there is never a silly question, here are a few of the most common and our very own Michael Johns, aka Johnsy, helps out...

What Is Buy To Let Property?

Starting with one of the most basic and important questions when addressing property investment, what is buy to let property?

In this video, Johnsy discusses the differences between a standard residential property and a buy to let property as well as why you might choose to buy the latter as opposed to other property options. 

Why invest in property?

With so many investment opportunities available, it is often asked why property should be favoured over the other options. 

Johnsy discusses what property investment includes, how it differs from other investment types and why it could be a better option for both immediate returns as well as future returns. 

Why buy off-plan?

What is a buy-to-let mortgage?

What is the difference between investing in London and the North?

Should I view property?

Growing popularity of purpose-built student accommodation

How should I furnish a new property?

What should I do next when investing?

Where are the best purpose-built student accommodation locations?

What is Ground Rent?

What is a property checklist?

Which agent should I choose?

Can I get lending for purpose-built student accommodation?

What is an exit strategy?

Where do you recommend buying in the North?

2020 Property Predictions

Why Buy Leasehold?


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