Property Investment Location Guides

Residential Estates have compiled several resources and guides to property investment locations set for growth in 2020. These guides offer property investors an in-depth insight into each area and what potential growth each area can offer for investors, as well as considering the different types of investment property available. 

Each guide will contain a detailed look into the following factors in regards to each region: the local economy, regional inward investment, current developments available, the principal growth sectors, the local housing market and regional investment predictions for 2020 and beyond. 

Property Investment in Manchester

Manchester is an excellent all-rounder, highly regarded by professional and institutional investors, and it remains one of the most obvious choices for buy-to-let property investment in 2020. Below are some industry predictions for Manchester in 2020. For more details on property investment in Manchester, please download our full guide. 

Industry predictions:

  • UK average price growth during 2020: 2% (Rightmove)
  • Average price growth during 2020 (North West England): 2% to 4% (Rightmove)
  • Average price growth by 2025 (North West): 24% (Savills)
  • Manchester population growth: +100,000 by 2025

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