What do Residential Estates offer to a developer?

Residential Estates are committed to supplying both UK and overseas investors, long term, secure investment options in locations throughout the UK. Until June 2020 we have sold 1157 units over a period of 4 and a half years, with a total asset value of £113 million, which has made us one of the leading independent investment companies in the UK.

These properties can range from off plan, completed, completed and tenanted, leasehold or freehold – it is about the deal itself.

The reason we are so knowledgeable in the market is because we have literally been involved with every aspect of the property market, starting over 25yrs ago as a residential and lettings agency, to manging a very successful short term let model to then incorporating all our knowledge into selling strong investments.

We appreciate that as a developer, the profits are in those last few sales in a development. This can be those last few apartments on the ground floor or those that are much smaller than others. Regardless of this, we make sure those apartments get the full attention and are ultimately sold asap. This often means we have to invest more money into generating enquiries; something we are always prepared to do.

We also offer a full service with the client, which leaves the developer free to develop and not deal with the day to day side of the transactions, we will work with the client all the way through to the ownership of the property.

What developments and developers are we looking to work with? 

  • Properties at the off plan stage where a developer is looking for early buyers and offer incentivised offers.
  • Completed stock which has been retained and maybe now the developer is looking to move stock.
  • Completed stock where you have stock unsold and are looking to sell.
  • Individual units such as HMOs or current freehold or leasehold BMV assets.
  • We have access to buyers of land with building permission.
  • PBSA, Residential or designed for Furnished Holiday Lets or Short term corporate lets

What do we require from a developer?

Our success is in sitting down with the developer at the earliest stage to go through a complete plan and strategy to sell their properties, be that a single unit to a whole development. We do not teach a developer how to develop and we would not but we do know this side of the market, so we can pass on any thoughts on what a developer needs to consider when putting a proposal through to an investor database.

Facts and figures:

  • 2016 Unit sales individual = 151
  • 2016 Unit value sales = £17,215,563

  • 2017 Unit sales = 224
  • 2017 Unit value sales = £17,372,863

  • 2018 Unit sales = 330
  • 2018 Unit value sales = £31,925,473

  • 2019 Unit sales = 301
  • 2019 Unit value sales £31,537,150

  • 2020 Unit sales to date (Jun 2020) = 151
  • 2020 Unit value sales to date (Jun 2020) = £15,047,155

How do we sell our stock.

We in the main sell through our internal sales force which are all mature with years of property experience, we do not employ “wet behind the ears” staff and our staff are focused and incentivised to sell what is best for the client, not the best for their pocket.

We also have a very loyal and select group of sub agents who will promote the development to an audience we do not have access too, such as selected overseas clients.

We also have a major lead generator who is actually a well respected property advisor who works with us solely and is happy to promote the projects we sell, knowing that the client will receive sound and honest advice.

The combination of all three of those aspects make us unique in our sector and we are also proud to say that we will not offer any conflictions within a location or destination. We aim to see a project through to the end and we want to work with a select group of developers in their relative specialist areas and build a long and successful relationship.

Another aspect that sets us aside is our incredibly high repeat and referral percentage – which stands at 47%, this signifies that once an investor buys through us and is looking to build a portfolio then they come back to us for future investments.

Some Of Our Development Partners

National Portfolio

When it comes to investing in property, we appreciate that each client has different requirements and goals for their portfolio. We work alongside a number of developers to offer a wide range of investment types across the UK. Our commitment to finding the best UK property hotspots has led us to sell over 38 successfully completed developments in 20 locations.

Going forward, our goals and aims? 

We are and have moved away from what the crowd offers, in terms of such selling what is shiny and new and with the temptation to just sell the low hanging fruit. We have specific areas where we see massive potential and we spend a lot of time researching areas that could suit our clients. All investments are relative to price paid versus rental return when it comes to yield and property value growth for appreciation. Also with our unique knowledge in the Short term let and Furnished Holiday let market means we can identify markets that are short on supply for this option in relation to the demand. Every project we look at will be based on its merits and we will work with the developer to package up the deal as best as possible. The ultimate goal is to become the leading ethical agent in the country, but we also want to be able to offer all our potential clients an offering, so an option for all, and not just pigeon hole ourselves into selling just one option.

Completed Developments

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