Student Property Investments

Residential Estates prides itself in being able to source the best purpose-built student accommodation (PBSA) and student property investments for our investor clients. 

As a result of the continued growth of the student population in the UK, as well as the increasing strain on the residential housing market, more students are deciding to live in PBSA as it provides them with high specification accommodation that is tailored to their needs. As the market is growing approximately 3 to 4% year on year, PBSA offers unique student property investment opportunities such as a reliable income with long term supply and demand guaranteed, as well as reduced buying costs as there is no stamp duty and accommodation comes fully furnished. The stress-free, hands off nature of PBSA means it is the perfect investment opportunity that works for every type of client and the knowledgeable team at Residential Estates will source suitable opportunities to suit most client’s property investment plans.

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