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Are you looking to invest your money into a secure, tangible avenue with two revenue streams and high yields? Property investment is a good option for reliable financial income and security. It can contribute to any future you may have planned, whether that may be securing your pension, providing financial support for your children, or if you're just wanting a little more income. 

Here at Residential Estates, we're focused on helping you reach and exceed your property investment goals by not only providing great quality investment opportunities in high-demand areas but also offering property management services, resale options, recommended solicitors and general investment advice. We have an incredibly diverse client database and deal with a variety of people. Our first-time investors come from a wide range of sectors and occupations including doctors, solicitors, lawyers, management, sportsmen and women, chairmen but we welcome anyone from any background to look at property investment if they're interested and our team is well placed to be able to guide through your journey.

With a combined 120 years of industry experience across our investments team, we're here to make your first steps onto the property ladder a little bit easier whilst providing that base level of support throughout your entire investment journey.

Are you ready to invest in property?

Before you jump straight into the depths of property investment, it's worth taking the time to do some research into the market and figure out if now is the right time for you to invest.  

  • Set your investment goals. What yields are you expecting from your property? Are these goals realistic?
  • Learn basic property investment terminology. This will help you avoid any confusion later on in the investment process.
  • Check if you have enough capital in place and you can afford this investment avenue. Remember that financing is usually available.
  • Research the market. Are property prices increasing or decreasing? What are property experts' market predictions?
  • Look at your financing options. Are you prepared to buy a property with cash or are you expecting to get a mortgage?
  • Create a checklist of all the things you are wanting in a property. This may include the property type, financing options, whether the development is completed or under-construction etc. Read our blog about how to create a property checklist here.
  • Speak to an expert or investment consultant. Share any worries or questions you have. They will be able to give you some of the best property investment advice possible. 

Fill out the form below to book a free, non-obligatory chat with one of our Investment Consultants to discuss your property investment strategy.

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Why Choose Property Investment?

Over the past couple of decades, numerous investment avenues have developed, adapted and at times, crashed. Property has been a consistently popular investment option over the past 20 years and recently the market has started boom as house prices steadily climb. Investing in property comes with a lot of perks that might not be obvious at first, but can prove it to be a much more popular and secure option than other 'paper' investments. 

  • Property investment has consistently outperformed other investment options. Leaving your money in the bank will generate very little growth as opposed to property investment. 
  • You receive income from two revenue streams: capital appreciation and rental income. Not only do you receive a monthly income, but when you've finished with your investment property, its value will have increased and you will receive the capital from this growth. 
  • You will be investing in a physical, tangible item. This may create a sense of security that isn't present with 'paper' investments such as stocks and shares. 
  • Management options are always available to make this an easy, hands-off investment. This may also help if you're looking to invest in property somewhere else in the UK or even overseas. 
  • This is a flexible investment. You have the freedom to move into your property if you want to, change the type of property that it is (AST to Short Term Lets) or sell it whenever you want. 
  • You can invest in property with only a small amount of money as lending options are available for most investors. Deposited funds on some off-plan properties can generate interest and create an added bonus before the development is completed. Read more about interest on deposited funds here.

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