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Are you looking to reinvest your money back into investment properties and expand your portfolio to create even more additional income? Property investment is a good option for reliable financial income and security. It can contribute to any future you may have planned, whether that may be securing your pension, providing financial support for your children, or if you're just wanting a little more income. 

Here at Residential Estates, we're focused on helping you reach and exceed your property investment goals by not only providing great quality investment opportunities in high-demand areas but also offering property management services, resale options, recommended solicitors and general investment advice. 

With a combined 120 years of industry experience across our investments team, we're here to make your next steps onto the property ladder a little bit easier whilst providing a full level of support throughout your entire investment journey. We're always looking at market updates and news to ensure that we can offer you the best advice possible. 

Top Tips for Expanding your Property Portfolio

The next steps into property investment is, of course, expanding your property portfolio. Once you have bought your first investment property, you've probably experienced most, if not all of the ups (and downs) of the investment process. Your investment knowledge will no longer be 'entry-level' and you now feel confident enough to invest once more. We're here to support you every step of your investment journey, so we've compiled a list of some top tips for expanding your property portfolio:

  • Set a target income. Understand what you're wanting to achieve with your investment before buying any more properties. Over time this target will increase but you should start with an achievable aim. This will help you understand what type of property you should invest in to achieve these yields and will narrow your property search.
  • Choose a hands-off investment. Consider using a management company to maintain your property. This will allow you to invest in multiple properties without additional maintenance stress and will also allow you to invest in property anywhere in the UK. 
  • Create a good property portfolio size. Property prices are always increasing and you may regret not investing in more property earlier - you might miss the chance to double your property price.
  • It is quicker to reinvest your money once you already have an investment property. It generally takes a lot of time to save enough money for your first investment, but you can easily use that additional income to later reinvest in more property.
  • Don't just choose a property based off the way it looks. Location plays a key role in the success of the investment and can greatly affect both yields and capital growth. We've got a selection of developments in up-and-coming high-demand locations that will be perfect for your portfolio expansion.
  • Understand the importance of a good tenant profile. A property management company can help keep your property tenanted and will choose tenants that will take care of your property.

Here at Residential Estates, we offer a range of off-plan property types from the traditional buy-to-let to purpose-built student accommodation to exclusive off-market developments, which all typically generate greater capital appreciation than older houses. We're sure to choose prime locations and reliable developers so that you can avoid any complications during your investment journey.

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Our National Portfolio

When investing in property, location plays a huge part in the success of the investment, the tenant profile and the returned yields. Here at Residential Estates, we make sure to do any due diligence to ensure that we work with some of the UK's best developers to offer a wide range of investment types across the nation. Our commitment to finding the best UK property hotspots has led us to sell over 38 successfully completed developments in 20 high-demand locations. 

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