Build Update 9th March 2018

Building Completion: 

External Scaffold is 80% complete

Metal frame and flooring to 3rd floor is complete

Metal frame and flooring to 4th floor is 35% complete

Window installation is 30% complete

Face brickwork is 15% complete

IOnsulation to the ground floor soffit is complete

Basement lighting and ventilation is 20% complete

Underslung soil and rainwater pipes is basement is 10% complete

Fix containment in corridors is 15% complete

Mechanical 1st fix is 5% complete

A welfare facility has been formed in the basement to allow space for the hoist to be fitted


On site works have been further delayed by the inclement weather in the month - 16 hours of high winds, 30 hours of rain and 14 hours of frost


Rain in the mont : 30 Hours

Rain since commencement : 190 Hours

High wind in the month : 22 Hours

High wind since commencement : 73 Hours

Frost in the month : 14 Hours

Frost since commencement : 31 Hours