Why Invest in Property?

Investing in property is becoming an increasingly more popular venture. Receiving money through rental income and capital growth over time, property is more secure than stocks, shares and other bank investments.

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“Why should I invest in property?” – Sheila, Harrogate

Welcome to the latest Ask Johnsy. The next question is from Sheila from Harrogate. A very simple question, but a very important one, why invest in property? Well, obviously there’s a lot of things that you can invest in, stocks and shares and ISA, there’s lots of bank products. There’s also lots of different types of property. But really, we’re going to focus on the traditional buy-to-let property as opposed to your car parks, your care homes, your alternative investments. And that is, that property is, you get returns from two different sources. You get your rental income which pays your bills monthly and also gives you a return and a profit. And then, your other side is your capital appreciation. Though you won’t see any monetary value in that until you either re-finance your property, or you sell it on. But still, you’ve got two revenue streams there.

Also, one thing that people really like about property is that you’re buying something tangible. You get a feel of investing in something big and owning something big. So yeah, you’re getting something that you can touch and feel. A lot of the products out there, you basically just own a piece of paper. So, it doesn’t feel like you’ve invested in something big. Thirdly, and finally, property as an investment has outperformed every other investment type out there, since really since the beginning when records began. So, the proof is there. And although a lot of the financial advisors and so-called ‘specialists’ will tell you otherwise, and sell you endowments and pensions, that have consistently failed, people still fall into that trap. Thank you.

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