Short-Term Let Properties and Serviced Apartments

At Residential Estates we have developed a service that caters for a wide and varied audience. We understand that for each client there is a specific set of requirements and circumstances that have led to them seeking the use of serviced apartments in the UK.

One set of customers that come to us with a very specific set of requirements is that of overseas travellers and workers visiting the UK.  Our service has been used by people travelling here to work on short-term contracts from places as varied as the USA, China, India, the Middle East and many other parts of the world. 

With many different cultures, characters, needs and desires, we have to ensure that our serviced apartments cover the bases and tick all the boxes for our visitors here on a short-term working contract. 

Cost Effective Solution for Short-term Working Contracts

Our serviced apartments offer a cost effective solution to those clients coming to the UK to work from overseas. When it comes to very short-term stays, say a weekend or a few weeks, staying in a serviced apartment can cost as much as a stay in a hotel. Once you look at slightly longer stays (our clients are usually signing up for between 1 and 6-months) the price savings start to appear, often up to 30% in savings when compared with the price of a hotel.

Once you factor in the home comforts and flexibility, it really is a benefit for overseas visitors relocating to the UK for work to use serviced apartments. There is also a misconception that serviced apartments are

used mainly by millennials, but we have found over the years of our service developing, that our clients range widely in age, occupation and location, with an apartment a much more attractive option for senior management and directors of companies, professional contractors, digital nomads, recent graduates and students, as well as choosing where a visiting client will stay when visiting a company to conduct business.

Flexible Serviced Apartments to Suit All Types of Tenants

So why is it that such a variety of professionals are choosing to stay in a serviced apartment when visiting from abroad? The main benefit to most is that it offers ultimate flexibility without compromising on the high quality of service and luxury that they would expect from a hotel.

Staying in an apartment means that you can live and work on your own time and scheduling. You can choose to eat dinner when you want, either cooking or ordering in a takeaway, or venturing out to the many

restaurants close by. If a meeting overruns or a flight is delayed, there’s no need to be worried about making a set time at a hotel when you have an apartment of your own to stay in. It is a home away from home. Our apartments are carefully chosen to cater for those looking for a city centre lifestyle, close to amenities and public transport networks, we can offer apartments with or without parking spaces depending on the specific requirements of each client, as well as offering living space that is suitable for single living, young professionals, as well as families.

Quality Locations

When we are choosing new apartments we take into consideration many different factors that will appeal to short term visitors. They are always close to all the local amenities you would require for a short to medium-term stay in a town or city. Always within walking distance of public transport hubs for easy use for business purposes, as well as areas which are more likely to be used for visiting businesspersons and overseas workers, such as conference centres, Universities, and Hospitals, our serviced apartments will offer a range of local bars, cafés and restaurants to help with the social side of life during an occupants downtime.

It is always important to us that everything that could possibly be needed is within walking distance of the apartment, or at least easy to use public transport is within an easy walking distance. Travelling from abroad to work in the UK offers many different challenges and potential obstacles, including language, culture, the weather, food and much more. The easier that a framework is created to live and be comfortable within, the better the overall experience for the visitor.

A Combination of Leisure and Business

With such flexibility an overseas worker can quickly ease into life in the UK, and a serviced apartment offers the chance to create a seamless combination of leisure and business. It makes much more sense to many overseas visitors to remain connected with the local culture when working in a location for a period of time. Quite often, staying in a hotel can feel like a dislocating experience, with no real connection to the surroundings. By staying in a serviced apartment it is the closest feeling to living at home whilst working abroad. For an overseas visitor working in the UK, this can make a real difference to the overall experience of his or her stay.

Travelling to a foreign country to work can be stressful and daunting. Whether an individual is working in the UK for one month, or for many months, our serviced apartments are designed to help overseas workers settle as quickly as possible in a new location and it is a trend that is only going to rise with the World shrinking in terms of global trade. 

Short-Term Serviced Apartments Through Residential Estates

Our offering is built around a bespoke service that caters for our customers every need. Whether customers have arranged a serviced apartment with us, or have been placed through their workplace, we will

endeavour to deliver a consistent and high quality service for the duration of their stay. This therefore offers opportunities for investors too as this is a market that will grow and grow. When a property sector is buoyant and this is combined with low entrance fees to the market, the ability to make significant profits are real. 

If you would like to find out more information regarding our serviced apartments in a variety of locations and future investments in this attractive property sector, contact our office today on 01244 343 355 or email us at and our friendly staff will be happy to offer advice and guidance.

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