Ways to Work Pink and Green in the Home

This retro combination of colours works so well together, making a design-led impression whilst feeling timeless and classic. According to Pinterest interior trends, there has been a substantial surge in people looking explicitly for pink and green interiors in homes with pin saves rising to 1150%!

Be Daring with Dark Green

You too can create greenery by pairing darker-huedplants with blush furnishings to bring a real pop of colour to any room. The calm and muted colour of green leaved plants teamed with pale grey pink accents throughout the room such as curtains or cushions creates a natural and organic feel. Bringing together these colours on a smaller scale without having to repaint walls or change furniture can still be achieved by adding items such as vases, candles or photo frames.

Choosing your Colours

Anxious about what shade of green or pink to choose? Vivid shades of green can be used as a fresh and contemporary refresh to brighten up any room paired with pale shades of pink provides enormous warmth, where its powdery feel makes it incredibly soft and easy to use with complementary tones of green. To add a luxurious feel to this sumptuous colour combination, use metallics such as copper. This works as a great accent for any living space as it’s glam, however has a warm tone that makes a space feel super cosy.


Go Bold with Printed Wallpapers

If you want to fully experience the trend, go bold with your wallpaper and consider choosing a horticultural print to lift the mood of any room. If you’re still a little nervous, choose removable wallcoverings to easily remove the wallpaper if you change your mind! Nothing can date a room like a trend that’s in one minute and not the next, so it’s wise to keep it classic. Colours such as a flat matte forest green is calming yet timeless. It also promotes a mellower mood that’s perfect for a room you just want to relax in at the end of a long day.

So why not take the plunge and add green and pink into your living space today? Hopefully this blog has inspired you to roll up your sleeves and get out the colour swatches to create your very own pink and green decor in exciting and original ways.

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