Travelling on Business? Choose Serviced Accommodation

For an outsider looking in, travelling on business sounds luxurious and exciting, until you actually find yourself in that situation. As a business traveller, you will often find yourself living out of suitcases, living in impersonal hotels and feeling lonely. The hotel will never meet your needs as there is always something to pick at, simply because it is not home, and you don't feel that sense of settled.

Business travellers are constantly having to compromise on the luxury of home and it then quickly takes its toll. This is where serviced accommodation comes in, the travel and place to stay needn’t become the lesser of two evils and the burden to the job. Having a great serviced apartment to stay in then becomes something to look forward to at the end of a busy day, their own home from home in the heart of a great location.

I’m sure every business traveller has been in these frustrating situations, they have had work to continue with and they try and assume that awkward position, knees bent sat on their bed as they precariously balance the lap top on them. Deciding whether to go it alone in the hotel restaurant or to spend another night in their room with room service, this then sending the thoughts back to what you would have eaten if you’d have been at home. Trapped in the same small space where the bedroom becomes the living room, the kitchen and the study, with no option to switch off, in a short time the hotel business traveler is  frustrated and stressed.

Instead, a serviced apartment offers a whole world of space for the same or less of the price tag of a stay per night, whilst travelling on business. An apartment allows the business traveler to complete their work with high speed internet at a desk, once complete they can move into the lounge and relax whilst watching the television. Serviced apartments leave the city at their fingertips during the evening, so meal time becomes an enjoyable part of the day. Now there is the choice of a stroll out, cook one of their home favourites or just simply beans on toast after an exhausting day, the apartments fully equipped kitchen can cater for every need. All before retreating to a home from home bedroom where they can relax in comfort ready for the next day.

Serviced apartments are crucial for creating a perfect work life balance, to find yourself living, breathing and working in the same environment can be very counterproductive to your work performance with negative impacts on the business and will also have a detrimental impact on your wellbeing. Serviced accommodation allows the space to be able to segregate work and play. When you can relax around your own apartment listening to your favourite music, watching your favourite films, unwinding with a glass of wine whilst dinner cooks, business travel appears more sustainable and a lot less like a chore.

Serviced accommodation are not only more cost effective for a business traveller, but they're also a home from home.

To find out more please visit our Serviced Accommodation page here, or call our experienced team on 01244 343 355.

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