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Tim from Barcelona has asked one of the most frequently asked questions: "Is viewing property important?". Johnsy focuses on the benefits of viewing an off-plan property but also gives some advice on how to get to know the area and development if viewing is not an available option.

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Please see below the full transcript of the video:

Hi and welcome to the latest Ask Johnsy. We’ve got a question in from Tim from Barcelona and that is:

“I’m living in Spain at the moment and due to work commitments, I can’t view the property, the off-plan property I’m looking at. Is viewing important?”

Well, yeah, I mean I think viewing is important Tim but obviously we’ve all got our own agendas and our own schedules. So, I mean approximately 90% of our buyers don’t view the property, and that’s usually due to geographical location. You can see a lot now on Google Maps and the street view on Google Maps, you can see a lot, but you can’t see everything, and I always prefer, me personally, I would definitely view.

The other thing to consider is, when you’re doing a lot of research on an area and you can’t view, I always find that reviews are far more useful than statistics. Statistics can often be skewed to the way of whoever’s producing them but reviews, real reviews now on websites are very useful to get a good flavour. Don’t, they’re not the be all and end all and you will get people trying to put you off and sometimes the reviews might not be well founded but, as a generalisation, they’re better than statistics.

Also, when viewing with an agent, go off-piste. Don’t let them do all the driving. An agent will show you what he wants you to see but you want to see everything and go off into different directions around the developments so that you get a full appreciation of what’s there. Also, stay the night and go there in different times of day and night because you’re not going to be in that apartment, or your tenants are probably not going to be in the apartment at 2 o’clock in the afternoon. It’s more important what the area’s like at 6pm or 10pm at night so, get a good, full appreciation. Also, a good agent should be able to provide you with good construction updates and video updates or a webcam of the development so you can check on the progress of the build. And that’s all, thank you.

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