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2017 / 18 is set to be an interesting time for property investors with the strengthening of rental demand due to the gap between wages, house shortages and house prices. Our investors are enjoying the benefits of dealing with a company that is able to obtain some fantastic developments in key investable areas, providing good room for growth in equity alongside guaranteed returns (with some developments)*

Some cities are outperforming others in terms of investing and Residential Estates always looks for investments that will make sure our clients will come back time and time again to re-invest.

Looking for property investment advice? Here are some of the most common questions we get.

How do you get your developments/investments?

Residential Estates has been established for many years and has built up a great relationship with many of the UKs leading developers. Occasionally developers need to sell property assets quickly, boosting liquidity and enabling them to move on to other projects. With our database of investor clients developers will come to us to achieve those sales and at the same time we help our investors to secure some great deals.

How can you help me?

Our expertise lies in the careful evaluation of investment opportunities and our ability to find each investor the property deals that most effectively meet his or her needs. Our team looks after their own portfolio of clients, and will establish which investment suits your needs, be it short term growth, longevity, or diversification of your portfolio.

Where should I invest?

We cant answer this without speaking to you, safe to say though that different areas of the UK provide different positives when it comes to investing, be it student property, residential, HMO's, there are some areas stronger that others, areas such as Manchester, Leeds, Sheffield, Derby, Sunderland, Stockton on Tees are all great investment areas for different reason.....speak to one of our consultants for more detail of our current opportunities.

I don't know anything about managing a rental property?

Many of our clients are busy, they work 24/7, and/or they don't live anywhere near to the best investable areas. We can deal with the whole investment process from the purchase to the ongoing letting, either via our lettings or serviced team, or via a third party agent, rest assured that Residential Estates will guide you through your investing journey.

What type of returns can I expect?

Each property investment provides different returns for different reasons. Obviously the amount you have to invest will dictate what you can invest in, but we will tend to deal with investments that provide returns from 3% - 15%*

What's the next step?

Contact one of our expert consultants now on 01244 343 355 or email or complete the form on our investments page HERE

*guarantees (if any) & returns are subject to change from development to development, please speak to a consultant for the full details and current availability

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