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This week, Keith from Aberdeen asked: "what are my options for furnishing a new property?" In this video, Johnsy explores the different ways to furnish a new property and gives some handy advice on how to make your property stand out.

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Hi, the next question in Ask Johnsy is from Keith in Aberdeen who has asked about furnishing a new property. He’s bought a new property; he wants to know how he’s going to furnish it and what his options are.

Now, generally speaking, a seller will have available a preferred supplier for the unit. The problem is everyone uses these. I mean it is ideal for somebody who can’t be present at the property at that particular time and they’re looking to rent it out straight away because generally these are items that are easily replaced and they’re cheap to replace as well as being fairly good quality. However, you may look at, if you can get an inventory list and a list of costs, you can quite easily go onto the internet and do a pricing exercise and compare with other suppliers. So that’s a second thing, you can actually do a similar list but go to a similar supplier but at least your property is going to be different from all of the other properties in there.

The third options is for you to actually visit on completion and to do the shopping yourself around what you need for your apartment. In this case, people have the biggest success on the rental market because that little bit of a personal touch can go a long way. It could also differentiate yourself because if somebody’s looking at a new apartment block and there are fifty apartments available, it’s likely that they’re going to be visiting more than one apartment in that block if they’re on the market at that particular time. So, another option is to use somebody who is local who you trust, somebody, maybe a family member who lives nearby that can actually do the work for you and you can actually task them with furnishing your apartment for you. That’s certainly going to be a lot better and a lot more than creative than using the furniture packs provided. A lot of the time the furniture packs provided; the sellers will get a small commission for recommending you to that service. However, on the balance of it, they will also get bulk discounts so it may still be better and easier and quicker and cheaper but cost-effective for you to use that service. So, bear that in mind as well. Have a look at all of the costs but generally speaking, the more you put into the property, the more you’re going to get out of it on the rental market.

A couple of pieces of advice. If you’ve got open area, outside area whether it’ll be a balcony, a terrace or a garden, the purchase of some sort of outdoor furniture goes a long way. It’s something a lot of people miss out on and it’s a way of showing the prospective tenant how they can use that space and will be a big bonus. The use of neutral colours is a must, the use of artwork can be very effective as well as using soft furnishings such as scatter cushions – make sure that they’re new though, particularly with scatter cushions and soft furnishings. If they’re old and used and tatty, get rid of them, don’t use them. And finally, do your property up like a showroom, make it look nice, that’s the reason why developers have used showrooms for years because they’re really effective. It’s a way of really dressing something up really nice so that you can show a person what they can achieve in that space. And that’s all from me on furnishing your new property and we’ll see you next time, thank you.

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