Five Ways to Maximise Your Small Space

Who says you need a lot of space to have a beautiful home? Read our top tips which will help you maximise your living space, whatever the shape or size!

Make Full Use of the Walls

Hooks and shelves are a great way to create more storage space. Hanging items such as jackets and keys on the walls will instantly force a small space to look bigger! Hanging wall décor such as large-scale art instead of smaller paintings will also prevent the room from looking cluttered. Why not get creative? Using floating shelves on exposed brick creates more space whilst looking great. Additionally, hanging wall mirrors will create the illusion of more space throughout your apartment due to light bouncing from the windows, another great way to optimise your small living space.

Wow with White or be Creative with Colour

Traditionally, pale tones have always been recommended for smaller spaces which comes as no surprise. Using neutral colours on furniture or walls is minimal yet warming as the eye is drawn to the window and beyond, fooling the eye and making interiors seem much more spacious than they are. It is thought that using lighter and paler colours will reflect the light, making your space brighter and roomier. However, there are many interior designers that have rebelled against this idea and argue that using pops of colour in smaller areas will maximise on what square footage you have to work with.

Whatever you do, one thing that both a light and dark palette can agree on is that by adding focal points of colour in certain areas such as a feature wall, you can direct the gaze to make the room feel considerably larger.

Use your Ceilings to Create Depth

A bold colour on the ceiling will draw the eye upwards making your room feel bigger, contrasted by a light-coloured floor will also help your place feel more spacious. A pale coloured rug could be used as an alternative if you can’t make changes to the floor. Furthermore, why not use long curtains? Using full-length curtains that go straight from the ceiling to the floor make your walls look taller. Transparent materials used will allow light in, whilst providing visual separation where natural light also expands a room’s feel.

Multi-Functional Furniture

This optimises and saves space, for example purchasing a settee which can also be used as a spare bed reduces the need for a spare bedroom, aiding your space limitations. Additionally, using a desk as a dining table can reduce the need of an additional room! This therefore makes the home feel bigger where your furniture doesn't have to work harder, just smarter.

Choose Smarter Storage Options

Clutter can make your room feel small and such storage solutions will keep your space more organised. For example, certain benches and beds have underneath storage which is ideal for storing items such as clothing or shoes yet also for hiding precious belongings including jewellery, providing you with a great deal of peace and security. Get started today and make the most of every square inch of your house – maximise its potential!

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