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What Could the Tenant Fees Act 2019 Mean For Landlords?

The Tenant Fees Act came in to force this week. Make sure you're aware of what this new legislation means and how it could affect you by reading our latest blog post.

The Rise of Flexible Living in the UK

In recent years, we have seen the trend towards more flexible living increasing. Short-term lets used to rarely be for less than six months, but things have now changed. Need an apartment for a night or a month? No problem. Residential Estates have a number of such apartments in the heart of popular cities such as Manchester and Chester. Read on to find out why the rise of flexible living in the UK is an opportunity if you are an investor or if you are looking for a base to live for a shorter time.

How Do I Become A Landlord?

In our guide, we help you to establish what steps you need to take in order to become a successful landlord.

Landlord Stress and How to Avoid It

Read our latest blog post to find out about typical landlord stresses and how to avoid them.

Tips for New Tenants

Entering the rental market for the first time can be a daunting process. We hope our tips for new tenants will give new renters confidence when searching for their next home.

Landlord Tax Changes in 2019 – A Comprehensive Guide

At Residential Estates, it is our priority that we can help our investor and landlord clients through what can sometimes be a confusing minefield of rules and regulations. At the beginning of 2019, changes to tax regulations for landlords were brought in, and with further changes expected in 2021, we have written a comprehensive guide to ensure you know the essentials about landlord tax changes.

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