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The Property Market and Brexit - An Introduction

Brexit is a fraught political issue and it's difficult to make statements about its impact without them being interpreted as some kind of political statement. Nevertheless, Brexit is undoubtedly the single biggest issue affecting the near-term economic future of Britain and, as such, it is bound to have a significant impact on the private property/rental/investment sector. It is not an issue that can sensibly be ignored.

Old Trafford and East Manchester - the Property Market

Manchester consistently ranks highly in yields and capital appreciation. Talented young workers are migrating here in preference to London and its over-heated property market.

The 2017 Property Investment Review

For property investors, 2017 was a challenging year that saw a marked change in investment patterns. A proportion of small-scale landlords left the market in response to a number of 'anti-investor' tax changes which began to have an effect this year. Conversely, many professional and institutional investors now report growing optimism.

Why Stoke-on-Trent is a Thriving Property Investment Opportunity

There are a number of very good reasons why you should seriously consider investing in property in the Stoke area. Here's why.

Are you interested in 67% and upwards NET Cash ROI in 5 years?

As a company we deal with all aspects of property investment, but the trend for our clients right now, and over the last 6 months has not been leveraging (maybe to do with economic uncertainties such as Interest rates or Brexit) but to put the same amount of deposit into a cash investment with no debts attached to it and the fact it offers all the key criteria of a solid investment.

Why Invest in the Northern Region of England

There was a time that London and the South East of England were the obvious choices for property investors; capital values rose more quickly, rental demand was dependably high and rental values always looked impressive. The region's prices led the UK property market by such a margin that many indices featured data for "UK markets excluding London" in order to avoid skewing the nationwide averages.

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