Business Traveller? Choose Short Term Lets

As a traveller from overseas, you’ll have many unique requirements compared to a UK traveller. At Residential Estates we understand this, as many of our guests are from across the world, from many amazing cultures, such as India, China, USA. Our aim is to ensure that you feel at home in one of our luxury serviced apartments for your business travel accommodation  Every serviced apartment from Residential Estates, is positioned within walking distance of the local amenities ensuring you’ll always be within easy reach of bars, restaurants and shops as well as public transport. We know the challenge isn’t just a new area or town but a whole new country, culture and possibly language too, that’s why our apartments are situated in prime locations. You can get everything you need on foot, so keeping everything easy for your needs.

Serviced apartments offer arguably the most attractive accommodation option for business travellers relocating overseas. For short stays, the average serviced apartment costs roughly the same as a hotel per night; but for visits longer than 28 nights, there’s savings of up to 30% to be had. More space, greater privacy and increased flexibility for cooking and conducting meetings mean serviced apartments are also more commodious than hotels.

Our serviced apartments have a lounge, dining area, fully equipped kitchen, bedroom and stylish bathroom – as well as free digital TV and fast, secure, internet access included in the cost - allowing you all to live comfortably and stay connected to home, throughout the duration of your stay. We understand that being connected to home is as important as feeling as though you are at home, in one of our serviced apartments you will feel just this.

A few things you may wish to do or consider for your business travel accommodation:

Familiarise yourself with the local supermarkets. Unlike hotels, business travellers have the means to cook up fancy food from the comfort of their apartment using the modern kitchen facilities provided. Electric hobs, ovens and microwaves allow for both meals in minutes, or gourmet dinners if you have the time.

So, take advantage – stock up your cupboards with local produce and explore the flavours of a new country in your own style!

  • How essential is parking?
  • Taking your car on a business trip, or hiring one abroad? If so, so you’ll need an apartment with parking facilities. Free on-site parking is the ideal scenario, but in some instances, you may have to pay an additional charge.  We have apartments that suit having a car and not having a car, be sure to mention this when booking.
  • Choose accommodation in walking distance of public transport

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