Michael has worked at Residential Estates for 6 years as a Senior Investment Consultant with a full 18 years of experience in the property industry.

Having owned and managed property companies in the UK and overseas, Michael possesses an in-depth knowledge of all areas of the property sector. 

Before working at Residential Estates, Michael ran the property division for another company. However, he decided to move to Residential Estates to help support and develop the property investment team after identifying our success in the market. Michael has helped to continue the company's focus on the investor and delivering a complete product and service. 

Michael has both an MBA degree and a CIPS diploma. He is responsible for working with new and existing clients in all property sectors and retains contact with all of his investors throughout the life-cycle of their properties. He aims to continue supporting them by regularly seeking out new investment opportunities whilst also looking to optimise their existing investments. Michael also creates content for the Residential Estates website by writing articles for the company blog as well as running a YouTube series called 'Ask Johnsy' to address industry-related questions and to share property advice and predictions. 

Outside of work, Michael enjoys playing golf and watching his beloved Chester FC.

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