Holly has been a member of Residential Estates' marketing team from Autumn 2019 with 1 year of experience within the property industry.

Before joining Residential Estates, Holly had worked in a variety of different roles including retailer, paid actor & public tour host and a self-employed music teacher, running her own small business. She had just finished her A-level exams before gaining a place as Marketing Assistant at Residential Estates. 

Holly studied English Literature, English Language, Music and Performing Arts in Sixth Form allowing her to gain the creative and literary skills necessary for a role in marketing. 

As a Marketing Assistant, Holly is responsible for the creation of all the content shared on Residential Estates' social media pages. She works alongside team managers to produce digital content and designs that are published onto online platforms. Holly has written several blogs and most recently, a newspaper article, and is actively looking to continue writing more content for the website. Holly recently produced Residential Estates' first YouTube video series, Ask Johnsy, featuring Investment Consultant, Michael Johns. She is responsible for the filming, editing, publishing and marketing of the series which has now almost reached 1,000 views.

Holly is looking at attending University at some point in the near future where she will study English. Outside of work, Holly enjoys performing and composing music, watching theatre and spending time with friends. 

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