Chris has worked in Residential Estates as an Investment Consultant for 4 years. He has over 9 years of experience within the property industry.

Before joining the Residential Estates' investments team, Chris was working at another estate agency and property auction company. Prior to working in the property industry, Chris was a member of the British Armed Forces and carried out duties overseas as well as guarding the Royal Family. 

After leaving the Army, Chris turned his hand to the property industry and began to develop his investor database. Shortly after, he began to focus primarily on off-plan developments and property investment.

As part of Residential Estates' Investments Team, Chris is responsible for supporting his clients' needs and tracking their achievements through their property investment journey. He locates prime property deals with maximum capital drivers and high rental revenue potential. Since joining the company, Chris has provided impeccable service to his investor clients.

Outside of work, Chris enjoys spending time with his family and supporting his childhood football team, Manchester United.

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