Residential Estates Attends Bank of England Briefing Meeting

The Executive team from Residential Estates attended the Bank of England’s Business Briefing in Wrexham yesterday evening. Bank of England Agent Steve Hicks gave a briefing which was “extremely valuable” for North Wales business professionals.

Steve Povall, Managing Director of Residential Estates said, “The event was an opportunity to explore the bank’s current forecasts and predictions”.

“It’s important that we have inside knowledge on the latest thinking because it helps us to help our clients,” said Mr. Povall. “The North West is a great place to carry out business, there is a great deal of professional expertise not only in property but also in investments.”

“Getting inside knowledge means we can plan and be more flexible. The most important thing for us as a property management company is the current property market and economy, understanding its direction is incredibly significant and invaluable to our work in supplying customer demand.”

Mr. Povall added, “It gave us the bigger picture which means we can understand how what we do fits into the bigger picture – and hear things that aren’t on the radar of the public and the media.

Steve Hicks became Agent for Wales in June 2015, after a 12 month secondment from the Office for National Statistics in the agency He said: “Meetings like this are extremely valuable and a helpful source of initial source of information, particularly valuable when it’s not quite clear in which direction the economy might be headed.”

Steve Povall said, “Meetings like this are also a chance for businesses to simultaneously, share ideas and move the North West forward together.”