Privatisation Of Land Registry

The Queen announced in her speech this week that a new Neighbourhood Planning and Infrastructure Bill will enable the land registry to be sold off.

The Bill supports the Government’s ambition to provide 1million without damaging the most valued areas, such as Green belts.

The Government reported that the sale would “support the delivery of a modern, digitally-based land registration service that will benefit the Land Registry’s customers, such as people buying or selling their homes”.

Furthermore, they hope it will “empower local communities” in planning homes and infrastructure.

Some of the rules stated by the new bill are:

Unless local authorities have conditions which are absolutely necessary, they will not be able to insist on pre-planning conditions being in place before work starts.

Compulsory purchase law is also to be tidied up after years of conflicting cases and outcomes.

In future, owners of properties which are, for example, needed to make way for infrastructure or new housing estates will receive the market value of their properties as of now, and without taking into account the value of the scheme underlying the need for compulsory purchase.

The Bill will also enable the independent National Infrastructure Commission to be established on a statutory basis.