New Energy Efficiency Deadlines

New dates for energy efficiency compliance in rental properties have been released by the government.

The Residential Landlords’ Association has reported that by April 2018, it will be unlawful to let a property with an F or a G Energy Performance Certificate Rating as a new let. There will be a few limited exemptions.

April 2020 is that date by which the requirement for a minimum E rating will apply to new lets and existing tenancies.

The date which is the target for a minimum D rating is in 2025 and 5 years later in 2030, the target is to have a minimum C rating.

Despite the new targets, the RLA reports that the accuracy of EPCs has a cause for concern.

“The Building Research Establishment estimates that around 100,000 properties have an incorrect F and G rating so these ratings should be better than they are. This means some of those currently rated at the lowest banding Band G ought to be reclassified as Band F and quite a number of those that are in Band F do in fact meet the Band E requirement” according to Richard Jones, policy adviser and company secretary of the RLA.

“We are making repeated representations to the government on this issue because we firmly believe that EPCs must be accurate before compulsion is brought in” he says.

Landlords and letting agents acting on their behalf need to calculate the best way to meet the long-term deadlines, he says.

“If you carry out improvements piece by piece, going first to Band E and then subsequently Band D and then onto Band C a different approach is required than if you carry out a whole house improvement to go straight to Band C from the outset.”