2017 UK Property Investment Guide


The UK Property Landscape

The UK exiting Europe undoubtedly changed attitudes to investment in the UK and it has created
uncertainty among some investors. So what is the outlook for 2017?

Property Prices

Can we expect property prices to continue rising as the UK
tries to re-assert itself as an independent nation away from the EU?
Should investors be cautious or bullish about the future prospects of the UK property market?

Investing In UK Property

This guide sets out to provide answers to all these questions
as well as provide a wealth of practical advice on investing in UK property today.

Steady Growth Without Risks

With the UK you get steady growth without the risks which is why during the financial crisis of 2008, so many investors ploughed money into property in London. At that time London was the safe haven capital of the world.

The opportunity is there to take advantage of some unique conditions in the UK housing market. If you have the funds available to get a mortgage or pay for property in cash then you are already half way to making a good return on property investment in the UK.

The country is gradually being transformed from a nation of homeowners to a nation of renters. The difficulty of obtaining a first mortgage means that people who would normally buy are renting instead or they are forced to consider moving further away from places of work.

We are entering a golden age for buy-to-let investors. Even if you have a little put away to purchase a share in a property, now is the time to make your move.

Those with enough saved for a deposit now have the pick of available property and lower mortgage rates and there are some real opportunities to invest in discounted property.

Add to this a strong demand for student accommodation as more and more young people opt to go to university to compete in a highly competitive jobs market and you have investment opportunities that will bring you more than healthy levels of cash flow.

What do more big city powers mean for the UK property market?

Like most countries in the world, the opportunities to invest in property in the UK start in the capital.

The cycle of growth always begins in London and ripples out to the rest of the country. This has happened as regular as clockwork since as far back as anyone can remember.

Unfortunately, like most capital cities, this is where property is at its most expensive which can hit rental yields and make them less attractive than those to be found North of the capital.

Returning to that subject of change, something happened to disturb the very existence of the UK for the first time in 300 years – the vote for Scottish independence. Something that was subsequently overshadowed by Brexit.

The push for independence failed – just – but it did achieve one thing. The price for keeping the UK together was more powers for Scotland but it also had a beneficial impact on what became known as the powerhouse cities of Birmingham, Liverpool and Manchester.

The biggest impact will be in investment. Investment in business, transport and infrastructure.

Manchester is already being rapidly transformed with BBC TV moving into Salford and helping to transform a previously rundown area of the city.

Manchester is also home to two of the world’s richest football teams. The northern powerhouse cities may even outpace London for capital growth and they also come out clear winners on rental returns.

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