Find Out Where Property Earns You More Than A Regular Job


Wouldn’t it be nice to imagine that whatever is happening at work or in politics, you still own something that continues to earn you money year by year at a faster rate than the average wage, inflation or money in the bank.

At least this is the benefit most property investors receive in the UK when they invest in the one in three areas of the UK where property prices are earning people more from owning their home than they do from their work.

This is according to research just released by the Halifax bank which goes on to reveal where these locations are.

Just in case this makes you curious here are those locations and the amount of cash a typical property has generated over 12 months.

Areas in and around London and the South East top the table with nearly £100,000 added to the value of a properties in a 12 month period. To top this in your job, your monthly income would need to be earning more than £8,300 a month.


Even North of London there are locations, including Manchester, where property prices earn more than what some people earn net in a year:



Aside from the obvious conclusion that the property market continues to be in good health in most parts of the country, the data also demonstrates another reality for people who are trying to climb onto the housing ladder.

If house prices in these locations are rising as much as an average salary every 12 months, this will only make it harder for first time buyers and people earning in or around the average salary to save for a deposit.

This will have the effect of pushing more and more people into renting property which can only add to the returns made on property values.


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