Don’t Become Unhinged With a Bad Door

Images are easier to remember than anything else. Fact.

People are able to remember and recognise places a lot more than for example, the number of a property.

Goes to show how a first impression can really shape the way people remember a property and sellers can really take advantage of this with revamping their front door.

Downing Street, for example. Completely iconic with its classy, Georgian design. So much so that it has been replicated across the world in a variety of colours.

Seeing as opening a front door is said to be akin to ‘shaking hands with the house’, a front door is an underestimated commodity which could really make or break the sale of your property. But what colour should you go for? Bold and striking, or soft and pastel?

Westbury Windows and Joinery’s research recommends that white is the most popular colour for wood front doors or entrance doors in the UK today. Natural stained and/or varnished finishes are the second most popular choice with black in third place.

The next most prevalent were Oxford Blue, Racing Green and Postbox Red followed by paler hues such as greys, Celadon Greens and Duck Egg Blues.

Colour is obviously important, but linked in with this is ensuring it is well maintained as nobody wants to see peeling or faded doors, regardless of how gorgeous the original colour was.

A front door usually needs three coats of paint to ensure that it doesn’t rot, warp, expand or shrink – make sure you forget to paint all of the edges not only for a clean, finished look but also they protect the door from moisture seeping in.

A well-kept door should only need repainting every 5-6 years.

A front door which hasn’t been looked after will reflect badly on the property, however a good quality door that fits well can really make all the difference to a property well-fitting, solid timber, high quality door will convey a lot about the rest of the property and could attract more buyers and a more lucrative sale.