Back To School For Some Agents!

The most common spelling mistakes made by estate agents have been reported by a new website that can filter property search requirements down to very small detail.

The site looked at current descriptions of over 250,000 properties.

They found that the most common mis-spellings were:

Seperate (mis-spelt 2,303 times)

Accomodation (2,246)

Formally (as in “formally an inn”) (815

Principle (as in “principle bedroom) (804)

Duel (as in “duel aspect”) 760

Dorma (as in “dorma window”) 526

Sort after (“sort after location”) 299

Steal (“stainless steel sink”) 254

Menage (an exercise area for horses, that should be spelt “manege”. A ménage has nothing to do with horses, but is a household, as in “ménage a trois”. This word is spelt wrongly by agents more often that it is spelt correctly (244)

Independant (221)

Extention (90)

Volted (as in “volted ceiling”) 11

David Gascoyne, Sales and Lettings Manager of Residential Estates said ‘Even though we’re only human, it’s a good idea to proof check all adverts before they go live – as poor grammar can mean the difference between making a sale/ let, or losing one!’