2017 UK Property Investment Report From Residential Estates


Where are the best places to invest? Should property investors be afraid of Brexit? These are just some of the questions answered in Residential Estates’ detailed guide to investing in UK Property in 2017.

The UK exiting Europe undoubtedly changed attitudes to investment in the UK and it has created uncertainty among some investors. So what is the outlook for 2017?

  • Can we expect property prices to continue rising as the UK tries to re-assert itself as an independent nation away from the EU?
  • Should investors be cautious or bullish about the future prospects of the UK property market?

Residential Estates’ UK Property Investment Report attempts to provide answers to all these questions as well as provide a wealth of practical advice on investing in UK property today.

The report starts with a snapshot of where the market stands today and how changes to the economy might impact on prices as we look ahead to the next 12 months and beyond. It also explores alternatives for investors including student property and corporate lettings.

Far from being gloomy, this report suggests that the underlying strength of the UK economy along with simple supply and demand can work to underpin growth and help stabilise the market in the event of further economic shocks.

Michael Holliday, Investment Manager of Residential Estates explains, “This report provides a useful guide to where the big opportunities are for property investors and our predictions for the year ahead.

As it shows in the report, I think there is plenty to get excited about in 2017, including student property and corporate lettings, which continue to be in high demand.”

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Download the UK Property Report Here